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About Fitness Ballet

Welcome to FitnessBallet Training.

My name is Kate, I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I bring fitness to your home and make it convenient and effective.

Very often I can hear different reasons why people find it hard to exercise regularly and with enjoyment. Crazy schedule, lack of motivation, shyness, and many other obstacles don’t let us travel to a gym and commit to a traditional work out.

I can offer you online training sessions in the convenience of your home. My one-on-one exercise programs take place live via Skype and have two length options - 30 and 45 min. Depending on your wish, fit level and spare time you can choose the appropriate option.

All programs are individual and unique. During the first free online consultation we can discuss your personal case, your schedule, and the type of your potential program that helps you to reach your goals. I address your particular needs with minimum equipment and space and with maximum comfort and confidence.

Many years of experience have taught me how to train different people, including clients with serious health issues. All I need is your wish to start changing your life for the better. Originally trained in ballet, I have a great store of training skills to help you to obtain health, beauty and self confidence. I strive for respectful relationships with my clients providing them encouragement, motivation, useful information, knowledge, and all necessary recommendations rather than fun and entertainment.

Located in Canada (British Columbia), service is available online, training sessions take place via Skype.

If you are interested in this service and would like to learn more, please contact me or send email for your free consultation.

You can also get more information from requirements and questionnare pages.