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I had to lose weight before surgery but I was not making much progress by myself. After working with Kate for 2 months I am now 16 pounds lighter and much fitter. I'm ready. The process was hard but Kate ensured the exercises were always doable and I remained injury-free. The workouts have become fun and I am enjoying having more upper-body strength than I did even as a teenager.

* Robert Douglas, 62, Burnaby

I had put on weight from being inactive for a long time. My range of motion was limited, I slept badly and my balance was poor. I didn’t want to have to go to the gym and use a lot of machines to work out and, being in my mid-60s, I wanted someone with an understanding of older people’s physique. When I found Kate’s website, I decided to take a chance and called her. We worked out a schedule for training at home. Kate has a wealth of knowledge, and has also taken special training to work with people with conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis and other physically limiting injuries. She is also fun and has a good sense of humour. 5 ½ months later, I can say it was well worth the money and time. I sleep better, my diet has improved, my balance is good, and I have a range of motion I couldn’t have imagined 6 months ago. Well worth the money, time and effort. I highly recommend Kate. Do yourself a favour.

* Mickey, 66, New Westminster

In order to treat chronic lower back pain, I needed to increase core muscle strength, improve general fitness level and lose some weight. Kate's highly professional approach was to carefully evaluate my starting condition and to then develop an exercise plan exactly suited to my needs. She also provided the necessary "boot in the pants", in the nicest way, to get me working at the program. My strength and flexibility have improved significantly, my weight is beginning to drop and the long process of healing my back has begun - all thanks to Kate. My heartiest recommendations.

* Jim Furey, 65, New Westminster

Working with Kate is amazing. She develops specialized and unique exercises that seem simple but are challenging and drive results. Kate’s attention to detail and focus motivated me to work harder which produced faster results. I feel more confident and stronger plus my body looks more toned and I move with more grace. Kate’s program helped me to find my balance and build muscle to improve my posture. If you want focused results to build confidence, grace, balance, tone and sculpt your body then Kate is the right Personal Trainer for you.

* Deanna Bowerman, 31, Coquitlam

I have osteoarthritis in both knees and ballroom dancing is my hobby. On a serious note, I engaged Kate to help me strengthen the muscles in my legs to alleviate stress on my knees. As an aside, I wanted to tone and strengthen my body so I could be a stronger dancer and look good on the dance floor. I didn't want to surrender my dancing to osteoarthritis. I have been training with Kate for almost two years now and am thrilled to say that my legs are much stronger. I walk with ease, including ascending and descending stairs, where before it was a painful challenge. I also have more confidence and endurance on the dance floor.

* Jerena, 60, Burnaby

Muscle strength, Posture, Endurance, improved Self esteem and the added knowledge of how my muscles work are all things I have gained while having Kate as my personal trainer. With specially developed programs and hands on instruction I have advanced and changed my whole lifestyle. Being trained by a person who believes 100 percent in what she does and lives herself by her beliefs is a great benefit for me.

* Joanne Meyer, 42, Burnaby

Kate has been my trainer for more than two years. She is very professional and results-oriented. Her practical skills and exercises "toolbox" are amazing. I lost about 15 lb, my wife and I love my new broader shoulders and flatter stomach. Kate was very helpful in case of specific conditions: my knee pain has gone after several training sessions with exercise set she adjusted for me. Thanks a lot and my best recommendations.

* Jim Diment, 48, Burnaby

Thanks Kate for kicking my butt! After three months of training I've dropped fat and built up my muscles. Exercises thoroughly selected by Kate for my type of body and specific needs are really effective and quickly made a difference. My posture improved so I even look taller. I feel more energetic and confident.

* Kris Robertson, 33, Coquitlam

* The Results shown are based on active and strict participation in the personal program and keeping to the dietary recommendations. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed. Only reasonable goals based on individual health conditions, innate potentialities and lifestyle peculiarities can be reached.