Fitness Ballet


Space and fitness equipment

  • Free space 7 by 7 feet minimum
  • Even, not slippery floor
  • A chair for some exercises
  • Free weights for some exercises (weight can be discussed with your trainer)

Internet connection and device

  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop, Smart TV with front facing camera or computer with external camera
  • Reliable internet connection (preferably Wi-Fi) with fast enough upload/download speed (1Mbps or higher)
  • Skype account (signing up and video calls are free)
  • Your device should be set in position to be able to view the whole training area

Before every session for your safety please check

  • Floor is dry, clean and not slippery
  • The training space is properly illuminated (both for your safety and for quality video call)
  • There are no sharp and brittle objects close to the training area
  • Your family members, especially children, are aware of your training and will stay away from the training area (some exercises are of high speed and amplitude)